Norwich BID’s mural project aims to enliven vacant and tired spaces in the city centre with dynamic large-scale murals to the theme of “City of Stories”. The murals add to cultural tourism, deliver a new dimension to the experience of the city centre, and positively build on Norwich’s status as a UNESCO City of Literature.

After seeking consent from tenants and landlords, Norwich BID applied for planning permission to install murals in a number of sites across the city centre. Following approval, a tender process was completed to find an installer who would be able to complete the artwork to a high standard. A public competition was launched to find the most inventive and dynamic designs for the spaces. There were over 100 entries to the competition from local, national and international artists, and the winning designs were chosen by a panel of judges.

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The first mural was completed on Pymm & Co, Ber street on 14th April 2016, which was designed by Norwich University arts graduate Poppy Cole and depicted a quirky street scene. In August 5th 2016 the second piece was unveiled, using artwork by local artist Beverley Coraldean. This was followed by Malca Shotten's image of a dragon on Red Lion Street.


Steve Pymm, Owner, Pymm & Co said, “We are honoured to be chosen as the first business in Norwich to be involved in this creative project. We love the artwork created by Poppy and 3D Creation have done a superb job of the installation. We look forward to seeing more great murals around the city as the project develops”.



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Mark Fitch, Partner, Hatch Brenner said, “The artwork has enlivened our building and highlights Norwich’s vibrancy. ‘Our wall’ is very high profile, facing over Theatre Street and the mural will be viewed by thousands of people. It is really interesting to hear passers-by giving their positive views on the artwork. We are so pleased with the finished piece and glad we could be involved with Norwich BID’s project”.







"The Dragon is inspired on the last Snap Dragon in Norwich – based at Norwich Castle Museum – the words incorporated were also uncovered here at the Castle. I am really happy to see him there, as a bit of fun on the shop fronts! I am a passionate believer in public art and I hope to be working on more murals in the future." - Malca Schotten, Snap the Dragon Mural Artist









RF Image

Another mural - on the side of the Virgin Money Lounge on Castle Street - created by Architectural Illustrator Derek Jackson, called The Case for Norwich. Derek has said "Norwich BID's mural project is an excellent opportunity for local artists to make their mark on the city. As well as adding to the city's individuality, it allows me to give something back to a place I'm proud to call home."

Matt Tansley, Virgin Money Norwich Lounge manager said: “We are delighted that the Virgin Money Lounge was chosen as one of the locations by the Norwich Business Improvement District to feature these superbly crafted murals"





JuliaAllumDesigned in her usual bold & colourful style, Julia Allum used a stack of books to create a Norfolk landscape. Norwich landmarks pop out of the pages of an open book on the right, with the river Wensum running through Bishops bridge & into a broads scene of the left.






Cat mural smallThe sixth mural is a lovely design by NUA graduate Ella Goodwin, on London Street - however we'd advise heading to Bedford Street for the best view!

Ella said of her design: "Norfolk Folklore has it that cats were buried in walls to ward away spirits a long time ago (1700s), my design is inspired by this but takes on much more uplifting and whimsical viewpoint that they may also be the houses themselves amongst a scaled up landscape of vibrant florals. The illustration would have a cutaway design to reveal the ˜insides” of the cat houses and so feel like the building itself was being revealed. I chose the Tickety Boo site for this because of the nature of the local shops such as Inanna’s Festival, The Book Hive and Tickety Boo. All of which are independent shops filled with stories. This felt an appropriate spot for a somewhat fantastical folkloric design.”



Castle Mural Joey

The seventh Mural in our second wave of Murals is by the hugely talented Joey LaMeche. 

Situated next to Castle Fine Art & Gallery, you will feel the awe of the looming mural as you walk underneath, and be stunned as the image enhances the space and what can be seen through it. 

Littered with characters of the day, The Market-Place of the Iceni is a contemplative illustration bustling with all kinds of interesting medieval characters including Queen Boudica herself. The top of the mural is a detailed skyline, with stars, the moon and a few flying banners filled with historical quotes and inspriing poetry. 

Here's what Joey had to say: "In creating the Castle House mural, I was inspired by the vibrant history that oozes out of our position in the East of England. There were countless battles fought on these lands and many more in the hearts and minds of those who occupied them.

Such as Robert Kett and the people's rebellion of 1549, who fought to overturn the enclosure of common land which would strip it away from the communal and agricultural use. As well as the rebellion of Queen Boadicea of the Iceni tribe, who fought to drive out the Roman occupation of East Anglia by putting 'Venta Icenorum' or 'Marketplace of the Iceni' in their place.

The ceiling is my own ode to the Sistine Chapel, with much more simplified imagery but a deep and approachable message by 13th century Sufi mystic Rumi. A philosopher who, in his own right, transcended national borders and ethnic divisions, making him one of the biggest selling poets of all time." 

You can find more of Joey's work at WWW.DOBW.TV or on instgram: @Joeylameche





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