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Norwich BID and Thyngs develop 'Touch-Free Check In' for the city

Norwich Business Improvement District (Norwich BID) has teamed up with local software company ‘Thyngs’ to develop a secure, contact-free and GDPR compliant check-in solution for customers. The solution will allow hospitality businesses across Norwich and Norfolk to digitally collect data about their customers, which will be shared with NHS Test and Trace should anyone test positive for Covid-19.


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4 days ago now, our much-missed pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants started opening their doors again. It’s been brilliant see some of our favourite places emerge from the lockdown period – cautiously and with great care. In Norwich alone, we’ve seen pubs become shops (Sir Garnet), fine dining straight to your front door (Benedicts), and neighbourly collaboration that has offered opportunity and optimism when we need it most (Brick Pizza and St Peter Mancroft Church).

As to be expected, new challenges crop up as the day-to-day of trading gets back into swing. Over the past 3 months, Norwich BID has held regular meetings with the hospitality and leisure sectors to support businesses throughout lockdown and into re-opening. Now, we want to continue to support the industry by working with them as restrictions are eased further, and they continue to operate while Covid-19 is active in the community.

It is with the desire to do what we can to keep Norwich safe that we’ve been working with local software company, Thyngs. We’ve used insight from the businesses we’ve spoken to, to help them develop an online check-in for businesses, which makes submitting customer details secure and contacting at-risk individuals easy for a business to manage.

How it works

On June 23, the UK government released new guidance for hospitality and leisure businesses. As part of their recommendations for safe opening practices, the guidance suggests that re-opening businesses should keep a temporary record of customers, in order help NHS Test and Trace get in touch with anyone who might have come into contact with someone who has Covid-19.

More information on keeping records of staff, customers and visitors can be found here.

The platform is simple for businesses and customers to use:

  • Customers check-in on arrival at a venue in a single, touch-free interaction on their phone using technology found in all smartphones. From a 1 metre distance, using either their camera function or QR app they scan a visual code and digitally submit their contact details. This process takes less than a minute.
  • After a visit, should a customer test positive for Covid-19, NHS Test and Trace will get in touch with the venue to advise a customer has tested positive.
  • The venue will then supply NHS Test and Trace with the customer data of anyone who was at the venue in the affected time period.
  • Using the venue data, NHS Test and Trace will contact customers to advise they may be at risk of catching the virus.


  • Venue has a contactless way of collecting and holding customer GDPR compliant data securely.
  • Any business using the contact-free platform will have the necessary data to efficiently and securely share with NHS Test and Trace.  
  • With the exact data they need, NHS Test and Trace can track the virus as effectively as possible, and contact customers who may be a risk.
  • Any business using the touch-free check-in also has the option to include a data opt-in button for marketing before customers submit their form, which means the solution not only helps protect customers, but can bring opportunity and value to business-customer relationships.

This platform is currently used across the UK by multiple well-known businesses, including Wasabi, Macmillan and Conde Nast, and here in Norwich, Queen Street bar ‘Mr Postles Apothacary’ has already rolled out the system.

"Being a local independent business ourselves we understand the importance of local support and therefore always endeavour to support other local businesses.  


With this in mind when Thyngs approached us with their Touch-Free check in solution we straightaway thought if they tick all the boxes we would be more than happy to work with them.   


Our two main concerns with signing in for the track and trace was ensuring we met all legal compliance’s whilst also having an easy and efficient way for our customers to check in upon entering our cocktail bar and restaurant.


Thyngs took all this worry away by offering a hassle free system which did everything we needed, they even had a space on the home page for us to add in our “expected behaviour” for the customer to agree too before checking in.  This literally took a couple of emails and calls to implement, the guys at Thyngs literally took care of all our needs.


Implementing this system not only took away a lot of stress for us upon reopening with all the new guidelines in place, but also allowed our customers to feel safe and looked after.  


Our opening weekend ran smoothly with this system in place and no one had any issues using the QR code.  

I would therefore highly recommend Thyngs to other businesses requiring a track and trace system. " 

Hayley-Elizabeth Evans

Director, Mr Postles Apothecary


How much does it cost?

Setup of the software is free, and is between £10 - £30 per month (depending on the package and size of your business) thereafter.

Sound useful?

To see a demo, find out more about pricing, and sign up your business, visit the Thyngs website here.