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Norwich BID supports local businesses through levy payments

This year has been hugely challenging, for businesses, individuals, and the city as a whole. The team at Norwich BID are fiercely determined to continue championing our local businesses, celebrating our local community, and strengthening our local economy. We are here to support, empower, and deliver crucial resources to our levy-payers.

As a not-for-profit business, we re-invest our levy income directly into the city, working on projects across sectors, to improve the prospect for businesses and residents through infrastructure improvements, bespoke programmes, tourism drives, and reputation building.

See an overview of everything we have achieved in 2020.

See our infographic, including key statistics from 2019-20.

We work for and alongside our businesses, with our priorities set by and with a business mandate.

NTNC Market Castle WebreadystillIn March, when it became clear that Covid-19 was going to hit us hard, we immediately pivoted to provide vital support and leadership in this new crisis. We consulted across sectors to seek a representative view of all business needs, so we could deliver the right resources at the right time.

So far, to aid businesses through Covid-19, we have:

  • Managed a bulk tender for PPE, so businesses could acquire crucial supplies at the lowest price possible
  • Created free physical distancing packs, with 10,000 floor stickers given away for free, and downloadable signage
  • Supported and signposted grant opportunities
  • Provided free training on Risk Assessments to businesses
  • Given away 50,000 free face coverings
  • Created city-wide queue system
  • Created a Covid advice hub
  • Developed a series of sector specific Plan Ahead Teams, so we could best serve each sector’s needs

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Through VisitNorwich, we:

  • Created safety animations, so people were aware of best practise and new guidance, and promoted them through social media
  • Kept the general public up to date with openings, advice, and guidance
  • Created the Norwich Next Chapter campaign, aimed at giving people confidence to return to the city
    • Launched a short film, which has been watched over 184,000 times to date, and been almost universally praised
    • Created a web hub, with bespoke content encouraging confidence
    • Paid for campaign across social media and YouTube, encouraging tourism to the region.
  • Have been awarded £500,000 in a collaborative direct marketing campaign to bring visitors to the city and region

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Like many businesses, we are considering the best way to ensure funds for our continued operation, but to also give consideration to the pressures on our levy payers at this time.

We understand that our local businesses are under financial pressure, and continue to deliver extraordinary value for money, providing vital support for our local organisations. BID legislation is clear that we must continue to bill as normal, however, please do get in touch with if you are under financial difficulty.

We are keen to hear the concerns of all of our levy payers so that we may help to address them, and to hear of any initiatives you have put in place, so that we can play our part in publicising them to local businesses. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via

We continue to support the resilience and innovation of our levy payers, in the toughest of circumstances.