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Planning Ahead Teams: Have your say the Norwich Recovery Framework

Norwich Business Recovery Plan

Norwich BID has designed a framework for establishing a recovery strategy for Norwich city centre. It's vital - as we gradually and safely re-open the city centre - that the breadth of businesses in Norwich city centre are represented. So in order to inform our approach, we've put together several 'Planning Ahead Teams', a sector-specific group who will discuss and shape the road to recovery for their industry or interest. 

The Plan Ahead Teams (PATs) are the key element of the Pre-Recovery phase and have been be set up to represent significant aspects of the city’s functions and sectors. Their job will be to collect forward-looking intelligence, develop scenarios, and identify the options and actions needed to act tactically and strategically in key areas.  Unlike a typical strategy team, they will plan across time horizons (four – eight weeks; two – six months; seven – twelve months and beyond, the 'next normal').

We've already made a start in putting these teams together, beginning by identifying all stakeholder groups and creating a Key Partner Framework, which includes the Local Authorities, business community and third sector. These stakeholders have agreed to take part in the PATs, which include:

  • Retail
  • Leisure
  • Commercial businesses
  • Public Space
  • Public Services
  • Marketing

There will also be a central Leadership Group, whose responsibility will be to identify opportunities to keep all businesses informed and included throughout the recovery planning and implementation, and will review key topics, such as business support i.e. grants etc and inform the PATs as part of their thinking.

What is the role of each PAT?

  1. Gain a realistic view of our starting position/baseline. Where are we now?
  2. Develop scenarios for multiple versions of our future.  Where could we go?
  3. Establish our posture and broad direction of travel.  What is the preferred future?
  4. Determine actions and strategic moves that are robust across the scenarios. What will we do?
  5. Set trigger points that drive us to act at the right time. When should we start?

In considering the above, we'll build action plan to cover 0-12 months to achieve objectives during the Pre-Recovery phase. 

What happens next? 

We've already held the first couple of PAT meetings, and they've proved vital in terms of forming actions and decisions responsively.

  • Following discussions in the first Retail PAT, we put together our city-wide tender for PPE.
  • In response to a city walkaround with the Public Space PAT, we designed, ordered and are now distributing Physical Distancing resources for businesses to use outside their premises. 

It is with the voice and support of Norwich businesses - of all kinds - that we can keep working on a recovery plan that is representative of the businesses who call the city home.

If you haven't already, please do contact us if you want to represent your business in one of the PAT meetings. We know lots of you will be rightly focused on planning the way ahead for your own businesses and community. However, if you are available, please do join us; the more inputs we can gather, the more valuable and representative our approach will be. Your insight will help us make the right choices as we make plans to open the city safely, and with confidence.

Email to take part.