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Upcycle your waste launches today!


Today, we're launching our new, city-wide Upcyling project for Norwich. The aim of this 3-year piece of work is to establish a working circular economy for our city; looking at the waste that businesses are producing, and repurposing that waste into resources for the local community.

As Norwich enters its next chapter - we face a different future to the one we could have expected at the beginning of this year. It is with a nod to the years to come that we are asking for your help now.

As the city changes, budgets are squeezed and sustainability becomes an ever more pressing issue, we want to look at how Norwich can lead the way in establishing its own circular economy. We want to look at how waste from our SME’s can be upcycled and put to good use elsewhere in the community.

‘Upcycle your Waste’ is a new international 3 year-project brought to you by Norwich BID. Our aim is to support your business in reducing its costs, by handling and transforming your waste into new resources. The project is entirely free to participate in, and we want as many people to get involved as we look at ways Norwich’s business community can reduce its impact on the environment.

Our mission is to guide you step by step through the process. We will begin by identifying what your challenges might be when it comes to repurposing your waste, followed by a conversation about the kind of waste your business is producing. Whether your business is a shop, school, restaurant, bar, manufacturing plant, or anything in between, we want to talk to you about what might make it easier for your business to
work with us as this project progresses. Over the next three years, our overall aim is engage with as many businesses as possible in the greater Norwich area, in order to adopt a circular economy model for the city, and bring tangible benefits to our community through upcycling.

This is an ambitious, Europe-wide project. Norwich is one of only 2 cities involved representing the UK. Norwich BID is working with six other partners in four countries (Economisch Huis Oostend, Kent County Council, Katholieke Hogeschool Vives Zuid, OD IJmond, City of Roubaix, Technische Universiteit Delft) on this programme, with the aim of getting 20% of our collective pre-existing waste stream upcycled.

The first phase of the project will be a 20 minute phone interview, to evaluate your business barriers and drivers for upcycling. In this initial phase of the project, we need 100 businesses to take part so we can write the best possible business case for the city. The more businesses we can speak to, the better we can plan for how we can use our wasted resources to benefit the community and the planet.

Please do contact us if you're able to spare 20 minutes to help us launch this project. You’d be making huge difference as we look at how we can create a more sustainable future for our city, and the people in it.

Please email: to take part. 

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