About Us

What is a BID?

We’re a not-for-profit organisation set up to represent the needs of local businesses and deliver meaningful improvements to a city area for visitors, residents and workers.

About the BID

Since 2017, Norwich BID has worked on behalf of over 700 business in the greater Norwich area. We are funded, managed and led by these businesses, and – during the course of the last decade – have delivered work which we know has had a meaningful impact on people who live and work here. We are forward thinking and collaborative, built of an exceptional team of people who are passionate about this city.

Our works sits across tourism, city marketing, enhancing and animating the cityscape, and ensuring businesses have what they need to trade as profitably, safely and sustainably as possible. You can read about our current – and previous – projects here.

The BID is about the power of the collective: local organisations working together to deliver the changes they want to see to drive Norwich forward. Everything we do – every investment we make – is on behalf of local businesses, to make this city thrive.

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Our Vision

Driving the sustainable success of Norwich business, to make ours the most sought-after city in the UK.

The BID Area

The Norwich BID area encompasses the city centre, with all businesses with a rateable value over £30,000 part of the BID levy.

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