Norwich Buyers Club

Norwich Buyers Club

Save money on sustainable supplies and reduce your waste through the Norwich Buyers Club with Surplush. The Norwich Buyers Club has been designed in partnership with Surplush UK for businesses to save money on crucial supplies that all businesses depend on a daily basis, such as kitchen roll, sanitising spray and other auxiliary products. Through the Buyers Club, we can procure the items you use, for a pocket-friendly price. The best bit? They will be delivered to your door by e-cargo bike, reducing your scope three carbon emissions and taking lorries off Norwich’s medieval streets.


Emissions saved from using E-cargo bike delivery compared to a HGV

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We estimate that each year, over 96 tonnes of single-use plastic is produced by businesses in the City of Stories alone. Whilst plastic and other refuse can be recycled, for example by our new waste partners, Anglian Waste Recycling, the most sustainable solution is to reduce the volume of plastic all together.

The Norwich Buyers Club is the one-stop-shop for commercial auxiliary products, delivered locally by e-cargo bike to support the business community.

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Cheaper on like for like purchases compared to competitors

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