Urban Art

Our urban art project enlivens vacant and tired spaces around the city centre with large eye catching murals to the theme of ‘City of Stories’. These large-scale and creative pieces of work deliver a new dimension to the city centre experience and build on Norwich’s status as England’s first UNESCO City of Literature.

Explore the city with our self-guided tour and look out buildings and walls transformed by urban art.

  • 1. Poppy Cole

    Completed in April 2016, this inaugural piece depicts a quirky street scene. Colourful and enchanting, this wonderful mural features many of Norwich’s iconic buildings, such as the Castle and Cathedral.

  • 2. Beverley Coaraldean

    This high-profile mural on Theatre Street catches the eye with unique line art, taking you on a visual trip through the streets of Norwich. Look close, as it’s not just buildings and streets you’ll see as the mural comes alive in front of your eyes.

    Beverley Coaraldean genealityart.com

  • 3. Malca Shotten

    Beautiful and vibrant, our cheeky dragon keeps an eye on the city! Dragons have been associated with the city since the Middle Ages, and inspired by the last Snap Dragon in Norwich this mural also features wording on his scroll which was uncovered at the Castle.


  • 4. Derek Jackson

    Named ‘The Case for Norwich’, this piece is one to admire from a distance to truly appreciate its 3D effect. The City of Stories is transformed, as some of Norwich’s most iconic buildings are represented as books.


  • 5. Julia Allum

    Designed in a bold and colourful style, stacks of books are used to create a Norfolk landscape. With the river Wensum running through Bishops Bridge into a broads scene on the left of the mural, this is complemented with Norwich landmarks poping out of the pages of an open book on the right.


  • 6. Ella Goodwin

    Based upon old Norfolk Folklore, that cats were once buried in walls of buildings to ward away sprits, this mural depicts a more uplifted and whimsical style. Best viewed from Bedford Street, the cat illustrations feature a landscape of vibrant florals and a cutaway design to reveal the “insides” of the building.


  • 7. Joey LaMeche

    Walk under this mural and feel in awe as you will be transported back in time. The Market-Place of the Iceni is bustling with all kinds of interesting characters including Queen Boudica herself! This mural is inspired by the vibrant history of the East of England and the countless battles fought on this land.


  • 8. Matthew Owen and Ian Westbrook

    Titled ‘City Living’ our latest, and biggest, urban art piece to date captures iconic landmarks, and the activities along Norwich’s riverside.


  • 9. Norwich Market


    • Amy Fellows and Norwich Theatre Royal
    • Emma Hulett and The Free School Norwich
    • Joey La Meche
    • Katie Nice and the Open
    • Kieran Harper and The Norwich School
    • Lucie Knights and Notre Dame
    • Ralph McCarthy

    As one of the largest and oldest open-air markets in the country, the Norwich Market murals celebrate the city’s rich heritage and culture, focusing on Norwich: Past, Present and Future, to bring stories of the city and the market to life.

    This collaborative project between Norwich BID and Norwich Market engaged with five community groups including Notre Dame School, Free School Norwich, The Norwich School, Open Youth Trust and Norwich Theatre Royal to help transform the market. Ideas were brought to life by seven artists (Kieran Harper, Amy Fellows, Lucie Knight, Emma Hulett, Katie Nice & Maisie Moffat, Ralph McCarthy and Joey LaMeche) who ran workshops with each of the groups to understand their artistic needs.